How does Slomobooth work?
  • Gather everyone in the giant frame.

  • Our videographer will direct your actions.

  • Get in there and have fun!

  • Your guests will see the slow motion video playback instantly.

  • Within two weeks, all the slow motion wedding video footage will be cut and edited to your favorite song and there you have it -- a Slomobooth video!


How much $$$ does a Slomobooth video cost?


  • See our Pricing page to select the package that best suits your unique needs and budget. 


 What does Slomobooth require?


  • 12 x 12 foot space.

  • 6 foot dressed table and 2 chairs.

  • 1-2 hours for set up.

  • The song you'd like us to edit to.

  • Signed contract and $500 deposit.


Which areas does Slomobooth service?


  • We offer slow motion wedding videos in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) at no extra cost.

  • We can shoot anywhere outside the GTA but you'll have to cover travel costs and accomodations.


To learn how you can slow down those memorable moments, contact us today.



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