Slow Motion Booth Video Gallery

Brock and Andrea's Wedding

What we love most about Brock and Andrea is their spontaneity - Brock called us up a week before their wedding after seeing a slow motion booth video online and booked us instantly! Their guests not only had fun shaking their stuff and jumping around in the booth, they also had a blast watching the slow motion video playback on our large screen monitor we set up in the ballroom for every guest to see. Thanks for sharing your special day with us, Brock and Andrea!


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Shaw Media Corporate Event

Shaw Media wanted a holiday themed slow motion booth video for their annual Christmas party, and Slomobooth delivered! In collaboration with Shaw Media, Slomobooth turned a typical corporate event into an interactive party that guests will remember for your years to come. Thank you Shaw Media for the memorable experience.


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Tash and Ro's Save-the-Date

Thinking of a new way to let your guests know you're getting married? Try a Save-the-Date slow motion booth video of just the two of you having fun and giving your guests a taste of the happy times ahead! This is a custom package and not included in our regular pricing sheet. If you're interested in shooting a Save-the-Date, video invitation, or a video preview of your upcoming event, let us know and we'll set up a package that's perfect for your unique needs and budget.


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2014 Canada's Bridal Show Free Demo

Tash + Ro

Adam + Rebecca

Vanessa + Brandon

City of Mississauga's New Year's Eve

Eva + George

Zemfira + Hassan

Exponential Advertising Anniversary

Huge Inc. Holiday Party

Seneca College Frosh Week

Axiom Holiday Party

Vanessa + Richard

Brad + Pat

Prabhdeep + Sonya

Barbara + Lou

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